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Smart Money Newsletter: March / April 2023

While financial planning is daunting for many, attitudes towards talking about money are changing. Wealth succession is a particularly difficult subject for many but it should be an integral part of financial planning for individuals as is can have long lasting impacts on future generations.

In this edition of the Smart Money newsletter, we focus on the importance of wealth planning and what questions you need to ask yourself before you start the process. We also look at retirement targets, personal protection and critical illness cover and much more.

Wealth succession


Full contents of this issue:

  • Financial Jargon
    7 out of 10 adults are puzzled by financial lingo
  • Goals don’t just happen, you have to plan for them
    How professional financial advice benefits both you and your family
  • Rising prices can wipe years off retirement pots
    How to protect your pension income against inflationary pressures
  • Giving retirement a second thought?
    Over a third of over-55s think they will work beyond their State Pension age
  • Wealth succession
    Making the right preparation for future generations
  • Show me the money
    Britons not researching their investments because it’s time consuming and complicated
  • Critical illness cover, your questions answered
    Protecting against the financial impact that a serious illness can cause
  • Time to retire?
    planning your finances to be sustainable for the long term is key
  • Financial security and freedom
    Rising prices add almost 20% to minimum cost of retirement
  • Thinking about divorcing?
    Protecting your assets and preparing you for going forward on your own
  • Cost of living crisis
    Almost one in three over-55s’ mortgage repayment plans derailed
  • Financial Bliss!
    Money and finances are a common source of disagreement and stress
  • Cost averaging your investments
    Reducing the risk of investing in volatile markets
  • Insurance that works while you can’t
    2.5 million Britons lose at least £23,126 a year due to long-term illness
  • Retirement planning for every life stage
    Alleviate any fear and uncertainty you might have about your financial future
  • Overwhelmed by your pension?
    Almost half of UK consumers find pensions information daunting
  • Protecting income
    7% of self-employed workers would choose to carry on working through illness or injury
  • Future wealth
    Ready to start investing for your grandchild’s future?
  • Drawdown, annuities or both?
    Make sure your retirement strategy meets your needs and goals
  • Retirement planning
    Your wealth. Your legacy

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