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Smart Money Newsletter September / October 2022

Living costs have been rising so significantly in recent months that most UK households will have noticed a squeeze on their monthly budgets. Not only does this have a direct impact on people’s lifestyles, but it also has a knock on effect on their lifelong goals such as owning a home or retiring comfortably.

As well as focusing on the cost-of-living crisis, in this issue we look at why Inheritance Tax receipts have risen and why Inheritance Tax planning is so important, why withdrawing cash from your pension pot may not be the best approach, and what kind of protection insurance will best protect you and your family’s future.


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Full contents of this issue:

  • Self-employed extremely vulnerable to loss of income
    81% aren’t seeking financial advice
  • Inheritance Tax receipts reach £6.1bn
    3 tips to maintain your financial wellbeing
  • Great wealth transfer
    Preparing both ‘the family’ and ‘the money’ for the transition of wealth to the next generation
  • Putting life on hold
    Cost-of-living crisis delays homeownership, having children and retirement
  • Cash may not be king
    Deciding whether to withdraw cash from your pension pot
  • Are you saving enough for retirement
    One in six over-55s have no pension savings yet
  • Bringing pensions together
    What to consider if you have multiple pension pots
  • How to protect you and your family’s future
    What kind of protection insurance do you need?
  • Bridging the gender pension gap
    Women left with half the pension pot, no matter the job
  • Unretirement
    More over-50s returning to work amid cost-of-living crisis
  • Cost-of-living crisis
    Britons cutting back on food and entertainment to keep cars on the road
  • Funding the lifestyle you want
    Get your retirement plans in motion
  • It’s good to talk
    More young adults are more engaged about money with their parents than past generations
  • A healthier approach to retirement wealth
    Pension schemes have a critical role to play in the transition to a net zero economy
  • Health, wealth and happiness of a nation
    Overall wellbeing still not close to being back to levels seen pre-COVID
  • Ten tips for first-time investors
    Ready to get started on your investment journey
  • When should I stop working
    How to tell whether you’re ready to retire
  • Never too early to plan ahead
    Pension savers struggling to save enough for their later years
  • Bank of Grandma and Grandad
    Older generation using the wealth held in their property to help younger generations
  • Mind the retirement gap
    Four in five workers not saving at levels which are likely to deliver an acceptable standard of living in old age
  • Re-evaluating the role of work
    Preparing your finances for a career break
  • Later-life and financial wellbeing
    More than one million over 60’s are rethinking later life plans
  • Pension booster
    Mistakes to avoid when aiming to build your pot
  • Navigating the higher-rate tax freeze
    Minimising the impact on your personal finances

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