Michelle Willcock

Senior Chartered Financial Planner
Michelle Willcock

Michelle started working in the financial sector in 1987 and has gone onto become a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

She takes great care in the service that she offers her clients, making sure they receive advice that will help them achieve their ambitions and aspirations. Most of her clients are individuals who make use of Michelle’s vast experience in retirement, inheritance and investment planning, but she can also provide advice to companies on issues such as shareholder protection.

Michelle lives in Newquay with her family and enjoys spending time with them on the coast, even braving the cold herself and swimming in the sea regularly. She is also a keen participant in Taekwondo, having earnt her black belt after years of practice.

“We placed the majority of our financial arrangements into the care of Michelle at the Francis Clark Financial Planning. We are not particularly financially savvy and get little pleasure from playing around with our investments and pension arrangements, so we needed someone we could trust. We have not been let down. FC are extremely keen to make sure their customers are both protected and can take advantage of the markets, even in volatile times. Everything is explained carefully in language that even we can understand.

We probably have one of the smallest portfolios at the firm, but we are never made to feel unimportant, and we are very pleased at the performance of our portfolio over the past two to three decades. Whoever chooses Francis Clark, be it business or private individual, will be served by a professional and hardworking company.”

Keith and Linda Caddy.

  • Team: Financial Planning
  • Office: Truro

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