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Smart Money Newsletter November / December 2022

As the cost of living continues to soar, and with inflation at a 40-year high, the impact on household finances is taking its toll. Despite this, it is essential to try and maintain a savings habit even in the current climate.

In this issue we look at what impact breaks in pension contributions could have on savers, how to avoid financial scams, the growing interest in sustainable investing and much more.

Smart Money Newsletter November December 2022

Full contents of this issue:

  • Balancing risk and returns
    Bonds can play a key part in building an investment portfolio
  • Working 9 to 5
    More over-65s are still working compared to six years ago
  • How to maximise the value of your pension savings
    Mistakes to avoid when you’re aiming to build your pension pot
  • Passing wealth down through the generations
    Millions of retirees help out in cost of living crisis
  • Pension saving revolution
    Auto-enrolment: celebrating a decade that has encouraged a culture of saving
  • Spotting an investment scam
    How scammers are getting more convincing
  • Don’t abandon pension contributions as prices rise
    Savers could miss out on thousands of pounds in retirement
  • Pensioners’ incomes
    What is the average UK retirement income?
  • Doing the right thing for the planet
    Four in five looking to change jobs demand green pensions
  • Leaving a tax-efficient legacy
    Considering the rule of seven when making financial gifts
  • Shrinking safety nets
    More people set to dip into emergency funds
  • Increasing financial support for millennials
    Cost of living crisis drives early inheritance gifting
  • Preparing your finances for retirement
    Could market volatility and inflation mean you have to delay retirement
  • Solving investor challenges
    How to take less risk when investing
  • Reluctant to return
    Millions want to stick with lockdown lifestyle changes
  • Investing for positive change
    More investors align investments with personal values

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