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Smart Money Newsletter March / April

Welcome to the latest Smart Money newsletter. This issue focuses on reducing your inheritance tax bill and 10 ways to protect your estate for your loved ones alongside the following topics:

  • ISA deadline 5 April 2021: Use it or lose it
  • How to ensure your money is protected from rising inflation
  • Identifying the best options to preserve your wealth
  • Responsible investing
  • Planning your financial future and how to get there
  • Where can you turn if you want to invest tax-efficiently
  • Passing on pension benefits
  • Life events, such as pension and divorce, that professional financial advice can help you navigate
  • Protection for you and your loved ones
  • Investing for your child’s future
  • Financial support to younger members as a direct result of the global pandemic
  • Funding long-term care
  • How much is the state pension?
  • Goals-based investing
  • ISA transfers
  • Suspending pension contributions
  • Retirement finances
  • Planning ahead for your financial future together

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